LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

classifiion of thickener and grinding machinery

  • apple crisp

    the barefoot contessa has a scrumptious recipe for apple crisp. the only notes i would make are to cut the apples a little smaller than she asks so they cook through and to mix the crumble topping for quite a long time 5 minutes to get the right consistency. your apples will be piled high in your serving dish, but they cook down nicely

  • neat tricks and shortcuts

    i'll take out my food processor to make hummus, but start by making breadcrumbs, grinding graham crackers, shredding carrots or beets, and maybe making pesto. it's so much easier for me to rinse out the bowl a few times rather than taking out the whole machine over the course of a few days.

  • knife sharpening for dummies

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  • another global santoku sharpening / honing thread

    the way to correct this or adjust for it is to periodically remove some metal above the edge bevels, thinning the blade a bit to compensate the thickening caused by your sharpenings. -----'i do believe that the pro flattened the bevels but this is just from me looking at the edge and since he was using powered equipment. is there a way to check

  • 10 most dangerous species of help desk callers

    beware the most dangerous species of help desk callers. it veteran jeff dray takes a lighthearted look at the types of people who call the help desk.

  • what makes a good chili?

    a little masa harina rounds out the sometime sharpness of the chilis. i don't use masa as a thickening agent. after long-simmering the chili should be thick enough on its own. during the simmering process continually check the pot and add water, beer, tequila, etc. to keep the beef at a nice braise not completely submerged/not drying out

  • how to roast coffee beans

    imagine that youve been eating wonder bread your whole life. and then one day somebody gives you a loaf of homemade, slow-risen, sourdough bread, fresh from

  • baldur's gate ii: enhanced edition

    the only reasonable counter to this is to load them up with defensive equipment to bring their armor class up to snuff, or better yet, to make them specialize in spears, of which several useful specimens exist in both shadows of amn and throne of bhaal, although in my mind, spears are decidedly weaker than halberds over the course of both the main game and the expansion. and of course the fact

  • how to make macarons like a pro: just follow a few easy

    you might think you can skip this step, but its important to get all your dry ingredients as fine as possible, so the macaron shells have the proper smooth texture. if you want to be extra-sure your dry ingredients are free of even the tiniest lumps, after grinding them in the food processor, sift them through a fine mesh strainer into your

  • cherry rhubarb pie: tapioca pearls vs. starch?

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  • what are processed foods?

    this classification does not apply across the board and some newer food brands like amy's kitchen have found ways to make and distribute prepared and frozen foods without the heavy use of chemical

  • how to achieve the thick consistency of peet's

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