LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

slag production and grinding

  • games of the decade 2010's

    games of the decade 2010's. like with any of these lists, there's always gonna be stuff you missed, forgot or just didn't get to play. while i haven't finished everything

  • what is the best and worst thing about modern gaming

    best: free camera control and better controls generally, games look and play better than ever on the whole. worst: homogenisation of game play, most games released too early in a

  • do you work, or tend to be occupied? how do you handle

    grinding is a strange concept to me. if you're repeating the same things, but you're enjoying it is it really grinding or is it just playing the game? for me, it switches from

  • advice on an mmo for a novice player. general discussion

    its free 2 play but you'll be out of content around 30 to level in, but you can easily get up to 40 with skirmishes/instances or some reputation grinding. the downside might be that

  • playing games with no sound? general discussion giant bomb

    anyone else do this? whenever i play a game i mute the t.v and just listen to my own music, me2 and alan wake are the only games i can think of where i didn't do this. right now

  • i didn't finish ffx should i play this? final fantasy

    i didn't finish ffx should i play this? thiago123. follow 745. forum posts. 32. wiki points reading up on strategies of how to beat him basically lead me to believe that i would

  • to get destiny or hyrule warriors? general discussion

    i don't know what it is but i am having a blast just going through missions, shooting a bunch of cool looking aliens and grinding my way up light levels. it has issues sure, but if you

  • i have a real hard time getting into japanese games

    i also agree with the level grinding thing; there's no fun there. in a western style rpg, you may occasionally not be strong enough to continue the main quest, but that's what

  • i played kingdom hearts kingdom hearts giant bomb

    in the absence of a time machine, judging kingdom hearts by modern standards is all i can do. the presentation. kingdom hearts has a ton of charm, and some pretty amazing production values

  • revisiting final fantasy xiii 001 giant bomb

    many of my qualms with xiii 2 carry over to it the combat's somewhat unbalanced, the production values are pretty rough in places, and the story gets kind of unhinged also, the

  • recommend me a good dating sim general discussion

    when you say 'dating sim' do you mean something like tokimeki memorial or love plus where you build up stats in order to date a or are you looking for a visual novel where

  • starvinggamer's games worth starving for or otherwise in

    though the game is lacking in production values, the narrative work is strong, and harebrained has continued to make improvements under the hood including balance tweaks and engine