LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • sword art online: hollow fragment

    it will increase your atk by 40%, decrease your def by 50%, and increase the power of your sword skills by 35%. defender:a role in multiplayer that is also present as an effect on the dark-eating shield and shield of dark iron ore. it will decrease your atk by 30%, increase your def by 80%, make your shield block more often at a rate of 80% of

  • ninja gaiden

    look to your left, and there should be a statue missing a head. press x to place the head on the jizo statue. you will receive a life of the gods extends your life meter after you use 9 of them . now, head to the middle of the town, slightly past the second pathway. look to your left for a few roofs and a window opening above. jump on each

  • star ocean: the second story

    star ocean: the second story faq version 1.1 3/9/99 notes version changes glossary/abbreviations game system controls game configuration status screen combat private actions and kanjodo emotional points ending system characters cd c. kenny rena lanford celine jules bowman jean dias flac precis f neuman ashton anchors leon d.s. gesde opera vectra ernest noel chandler chisato

  • dark cloud 2

    you can hit triangle to save your game while viewing the dungeon listing screen. x getting items/open chests ````` the idea is similar to final fantasy ix. you will find a icon appearing on top of your active character's head. hit x to explore the item. chests position are not fixed in dungeons or cities. they appear randomnly. minature chests contains power-up items such as fruit of eden

  • final fantasy ii

    eventually, if you look at your menu screen, you will pass into palamecia, the empire. soon enough, you will see a row of trees, and the dreadnought there. note your stats before you enter the dreadnought. if you feel it is a bit low, then do not enter, and head back to gatrea to rest, and try the journey again. or you can do the other way to get to the dreadnought. . . note: there are some

  • legaia 2: duel saga

    you can save in one of three possible fashions: a at save points on the field screen - approach the save point and press x what's field screen is explained later b world map screen - salect save command from the circle button menu c camp screen - select save command ----- load command ----- lets you load previously saved game. you can load

  • growlanser generations

    each gem holds a specific power level. the amount within each gem is shown by a level number preceding each name. a ring weapon has two effects. - changing abilities - controlling gem power you can judge the effects of a particular ring by its name once you get used to the system. the parameters next to the ring will provide guidance for the

  • star ocean 3: till the end of time

    climb back up the ladder and head east. go through the door to the south and open the chest out here to obtain a warrior's bracelet. this is an accessory that will raise attack power. i recommend equipping it on fayt. go back to the previous screen and go through the door to the east this time. go up the stairs and through another door to the

  • jade empire

    'so it's like a swimming ox, well that helps.' 'i tried to understand his trouble, but he wouldn't let me.' the first mini-game will now start. x will activate a shield, the a button will fire your weapons. watch for red health power ups, and yellow weapon power ups, as you destroy the enemies flying at you. your weapon starts out as a single

  • harvest moon: save the homeland

    listed are the locations of and how to get these power berries. i have listed them in the order that i got them. you can get them in any order. power berry 1: you can get this one when you are busy hacking down grass in your pasture. it is randomly placed in your pasture. power berry 2: you get this one while you are fishing. you reel it in

  • shaman king: spirit of shamans

    version history 8. credits ----- 1. author's note ----- welcome to my shaman king faq this is a fighting game made by bandai and i want to encourage all of shaman king fans to play this game start synchronizing your power spirit to and be the shaman king or queen ----- 2. basic controls ----- 2.a controller legend f - forward b