LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

names and materials used in mining gold and diamond

  • good seeds?

    i know that icu812 is an excellent seed when you first spawn walk to the south west to an almost open plain there is were you can build a house the master mine, or main mine, has 47 diamonds over 80 gold a ton of iron redstone and coal their is also a pumkin mountain north east of spawn point

  • minecraft game

    material tool name description; 269 273 256 277 284: wooden stone iron diamond gold: shovel: shovels are used to harvest 'soft' blocks, such as dirt, gravel, clay, and sand. they are also the only tools which can harvest snowballs from snow. 270 274 257 278 285: wooden stone iron diamond gold: pickaxe: pickaxes are used to harvest stone, ores

  • got silk touch, but can't collect mob spawners

    4. silk touch: allows the collection of normally unobtainable blocks such as ores diamond, redstone, coal, lapis , grass, mycelium and huge mushrooms. the normal requirments for mining blocks still applies: e.g. an iron or better pickaxe must still be used to retrieve diamond ore blocks etc.

  • what's the best depth for a branch mine?

    i've been branch mining since beta 1.1 and, from personal experience, y=12 is the sweet spot for diamonds. for reasons stated above and more, it just seems like the best area to branch mine. however, i usually tend to stack them up, and have tunnels on top of eachother so i hit the 3 layers above and below 12 so i can catch any rogue diamonds and lapis/gold.

  • do i need an iron pick to mine redstone?

    gold, diamond, and redstone all need iron pickaxes or better. you can break the block with a stone one, but you won't get any usable material from it. everyone says they're in favor of saving hitler's brain, but put it in the body of a great white shark and suddenly, 'oooooo - you've gone too far '

  • where can i find more rune crystals?

    it is a rare mining drop from smashing rune crystals. as dinema81 mentioned, there is a field of them from autumn field on the way back to the entrance. any rune crystal mining spot works. occasional, i get 1 from the rune crystal in front of the earth dragon clone. wear equipment with luck clovers/happy ring/rare can and all that good stuff as i find it affects the rate of finding them.

  • atelier firis: the alchemist and the mysterious journey

    from the picture, i'd name the materials from 1 to 4, if i place those materials in this order of 4,3,2,1, with rainbow neutralizer as the first, and stahl ice bomb as last, you'd get the bar like this. firstly, did you realize all the blue bars are filled to the max, and before, at material selection screen, it's not?

  • dose tnt destroy resources?

    you may find a vast ammount of helpful resources. one time, i did it and i found 7 blocks of diamond and just 3 blocks under the rubble i found some gold, like, 2 blocks. it may seem a waste of time, resources, tnt, ect. but your doing your creepers proud =d

  • where can i find diamond,gold, little crystal and

    i found the little crystal in a chest on the giant coconut tree area, platnium i found on the very top of whale island, the diamond can be droped from the mimics monsters that look like chests in the lava ruins and mabey the one on whale island at the very top don't know for certain and gold i have no idea but for gems i think if you befriend a mimic when its in yoour barn you can harvest

  • can you reverse craft things?

    the only things you can craft back into seven trust materials are iron, gold, and diamond blocks. you can also sorta do this with boats, by placing them and then breaking them, but you lose some stuff on this. not like wood is hard to come by.

  • diamonds: a history

    early descriptions of diamond date to the 4th century bc. by then diamond was a valued material. the earliest known reference to diamond is a sanskrit manuscript by a minister in a northern indian

  • can't mine this hard dark stone?

    thanks everyone: well thats dissapointing i wanted to keep mining down also i have never found any gems yet diamonds etc , just red stone, gold and plenty of iron. i'm mining now in a strht line right above the bedrock now looking for a natural cavern or if i'm lucky a diamond not sure what my next goal is going to be. i was so