प्रधानाचार्य का संदेश

 My dearest students,

                The most precious gift in our life is Time.The common complaint we hear now a days is about the lack of time. We say that there is too much to do within too little time.But it is not so.Time is the same always to everyone.The way you plan, the use of your time makes a lot of difference.Today’s world is too fast,competitive and challenging.

Every minute counts!!!!

            Dear ones, you are among the chosen few.You are blessed with an ideal atmosphere and the best facilities in this school to improve,excel and make you God-given talents shine. But for that you need planning. Set a high goal for your life in childhood itself.Plan meticulously,use every opportunity you get and give your 100% to achieve the goal. Never let any set back discourage you. Always remember that there is no short cut to success except sincere hard work.

            May all my students be courageous and confident to face the challenge in life. May each and every day be a small but firm step in your journey towards your aim. May you all be able to fulfil the dreams of your parents and elders about you

            Above all, may you all grow into worthy, proud citizens of mother India.