सीएमपी पहल



BalkalotsavThis year we celebrated Baldiwas on 13th November. We had a special assembly programme exclusively dedicated to Chacha Nehru.In connection with Baldiwas, we conducted Balkalotsav. Various competitions were organized separately for each class .The competitions were conducted from 23rd November to 30th November.
List of Cultural competitions
Class V           -         Hindi Spell Bee (Group)
Class IV          -         Quiz based on Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru (Group)
Class III          -         What’s the Good Word (Individual)
Class II           -          Hindi Recitation (Individual)
Class I            -          Word Building (Individual)
List of Sports Events
Class V           -        Skipping and Sack Race
Class IV          -        Relay 100m
Class III          -        Relay 100m
Class II           -        100m Race
Class I            -         Book Balancing
Students participated in all these events with great enthusiasm and the winners were awarded with certificates. 



Class and subject
Learning objective initially envisaged
Learning objective realised or not
Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation
1 School Readiness Programme for children Class I in April 1.To make the new comers aware of school environment 2.To develop good teacher child relationship.Parent teacher meeting held. Realized All the class teachers of class I
2 Educational programmes on computer with CD’s and PPT I-V Exposure of children to the latest computer aided learning technologies. Yes All subject teachers
3 Using library books from class library I-V To develop reading proficiency, moral values and to enhance the knowledge. Yes All the class teachers
4 Using TLM by making Teaching Aids as charts, Flash cards , activity sheets. I-V To develop creativity understanding and to make learning joyful and interesting. Yes All the teachers.
5 Spoken English classes III-V To improve the language efficiency and to develop speaking skill for communication with confidence. Yes All the English & Spoken teachers.
6 Film Shows I-V To develop listening and observing efficiency and life Skills Yes Concerned teachers
7 (i)Evaluation- Activity Based CCE is in practice (ii)FA 1 conducted I-II III-V In July and Sept To make learning burden free. To learners assessment and to know the areas of weakness for deciding the remedial measures. Yes All teachers of class I-II All the teachers taking classes III-V
8 Parents Teachers Meeting

I Apr I Week
I-V Will be held from 1 Aug to 5 Aug

To get the feedback and to decide remedial measures Yes All the teachers
9 Sports Day. I-V To improve physical education skill Yes All teachers
10 Short Stories, thoughts, poems and News in morning Assembly and display boards. I-V To inculcate the moral values To develop confidence Yes All the Teachers and students of class on duty.
11 CCA(CCA schedule enclosed) I- V To develop the co scholastic areas& for the overall development of students yes All Class Teachers
12 Regular observation of the teaching learning activities by the H M and the Principal I-V To get the feedback for the improvement and to ensure to qualitative improvement in Primary Education. Yes The Principal & H M I/c