CMP Initiative









9th April 2018

Tiny tots of Class I welcomed to the KVS family. Parents given briefing about functioning of KVS.


Annual Day


4th April 2018

Three items presented

1. Action song “Chanda Mama” Class II & III

2. Dance Drama “Skandavaibhavam” Class IV & V

3. Bucket Band By Class III,IV &V

PTA Meeting

8th June 2018

To appraise parents of the Fun Day (आनंद वार) related activities.

Time Table sent by KVSROEKM implemented with slight modification.

Relief Help(Building Kerala)


Amount collected sent to CMs relief fund. Children have prepared bulletin boards depicting fury of the floods.

Swatcchtha Pakhwada

Swatcchtha hi Seva

1st Sept.


Oath taking to work for cleanliness upto 100 hours. Cleaning classrooms which is still going on.

Drawing and painting competition

Slogan writing on swatcchtha


External Competitions












25th Sept 2018



11th Oct. 2018


1. Byju’s App - School super league 2018 participants class IV & V

2. Letter writing conducted by Postal department.

3. Swatcchtha hi Seva drawing and painting.

4. SOF(Science Olympiad Examination) Examinations

a). International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKOSOF)

b). International English Olympiad

c). NSO, IMO and NCO exams still to be conducted. Participation more than 200 students.

Cub and Bulbul Activities

19th Sept. 2018

12 Bulbuls awarded Golden Arrow Certificates, Badges and Cash Award of Rs.1000 given away in the morning Assembly by Principal Sir.

Activities are conducted every Wednesday

Open Day

15th Sept 2018

Meeting of parents of all classes I to V conducted to discuss the academic performance after Periodic Test-I