1.Homework period allotted for all subjects in all the classes once a week  to enable the children do the work by clearing their doubts in the presence of the teacher. This prevents copying of the work and reduces the burden of the children at home. The practice helps the teachers to be systematic in their correction work.

2. Newspaperreading is encouraged during the lunch break once the children finish eating their lunch to inculcate the habit of reading, enhance general knowledge& maintain discipline.

3. Students present various programmes (mostly language related) individually/ in pairs/in group during the lunch break using the PA System which help in improving their communication skills.



1. Morning assembly is evaluated to ensure presentation of good quality programme. All important days are celebrated & special item is always linked to the speciality of the day.

2. The whole school participates in important celebrations and wall magazines are put up by the classes on duty.

3. The afternoon session starts with prayer.

4.The school has a good rain water harvesting system & the water harvested is utilized for routine cleaning and gardening work.

5. Students audit the daily consumption of water & report leakage of taps.

6.Teachers advise students &Check the food brought by students to develop good food habits.

7.Dustbins have been removed from classrooms to prevent students from generating paper waste.

8. Students clean the class in the last five minutes of the last period.

9.Seed club distributes good quality seeds to the members to promote cultivation of Vegetables& medicinal herbs at home.

10.Bio gas plant & Vermin compost are maintained in good working condition.

11. Students undertake energy audit to prevent wastage of electricity.

12.Teachers are put on corridor duty to check movement of students during lunch break.

13. Teachers regulate the dispersal of students after the last Period.

14.One sided paper is used to reduce the consumption of paper.

15.Students are asked to use ink pens in order to reduce  plastic on the campus & to create awareness among the students about accumulation of plastic.