Awakened citizen Programme


 Awakened Citizen Programme  ACP class 7 C



Visit of Mr.Vivek (Observer , Ramakrishna Mission New Delhi) on 26/08/2017


 Shri Vivek , observer and official of Sri Ramakrishna mission, New Delhi visited the school on 26.8.17 for observation and interaction with children of classes 7 A,B &C . A session was held for all the three classes by incharge teachers Mr Haridasan, Mrs Sheeba Suresh Babu and Mrs Sheeja P. Mr Vivek interacted with the children on the changes in them after attending the awakened citizen programme and recorded some of their life experiences as a source of inspiration for other children.


 ACP on 22nd august for class 7 C .session on seeking perfection. Principal Dr. S Nalayini delivered a speech on the importance of seeking perfection in a person's life. After the module children involve in flower making art demonstrating the need to be perfect in measurements in doing work.